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Why are all the good assets in the marketplace only for the "windows" platform?

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    Why are all the good assets in the marketplace only for the "windows" platform?

    Did the creators simply not check a box that says "build for Mac too"? Or is Mac simply incapable of assets that look nice (beach scene with Audi, for example)? I am currently installing unreal on my Mac OS machine, but browsing the marketplace makes me think that Unreal is basically useless on Mac. Do I really have to install Windows? Windows is terrible. I am aware that there is no direct X on mac, but I assumed I could develop on Mac, and then build for Windows when done, and that the GUI would use openGL or whatever for development. Windows is poorly made **** and Mac is the standard for virtually every creative industry. I am disappoint, and my day is ruined. I would even take Linux

    Maybe people do not have macs. Releasing even texture pack for mac, and then having potential support issue related to mac is just not worth risk (for somebody who does not have mac).
    So hypothetically if i released textures pack, and one of textures had corrupted alpha layer only on mac. How i would fix it if i do not have mac and cannot test it or even find reason for error.
    Then next problem is engine updates, if package is supported for mac and windows, you need mac and windows to test it every time epic releases new engine version. This forces you to own mac if you support that platform. Borrowing stuff every 2-3 months even from best friend may annoy him/her. So blame apple for ppl not wanting to buy and use mac, or have anything to do with that mess.
    Add to this probably much lower sales for that platform. And for marketplace creators that do not have mac it is not worth releasing for it.

    And best part of it. If asset does not have anything that requires windows, (like C++ plugin that can be compiled for windows only), you can use any platform with it.
    So everything that is animation, sound textures, models, you can use with any platform. You just dont get "official" support for not included platforms.
    That same goes for different engine versions, if asset does not have C++ or blueprint code you can download it and then migrate toy engine version you are using.