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Cuttable Spline System with Physics - In engine solution - Rope Cable Pipe

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    [WIP] Cuttable Spline System with Physics - In engine solution - Rope Cable Pipe

    Starting today, I will be posting news here regarding:

    My intention is to further support and develop the blueprint system so that it can provide greater value to its userbase, myself included; I am using it for my own Oculus VR project named "Ardent Trials".

    First announcement:
    New models coming soon. Their development was put on hold, but work has now recommenced. Please see the attached images for previews.
    Also, I am currently updating the product to the latest engine version.

    For more information on my studio, please see:

    Update 2 is almost complete. Here is a preview of some of the assets coming to the Cuttable Spline System.

    Once finished, I will be moving on to a performance update. I have been contemplating making a C++ plugin version of the rope solution. For performance and simplicity, I would not include all functionality.

    Core functionality to be incorporated:
    Dynamic physics,
    Custom mesh support.

    More details to come.


      Another asset to be included with the Cuttable Spline System. Will be added to the asset pack in the next update.


        Work continues on the update. I have completed another mesh. The preview is attached.


          Two more assets have been finished. The update is nearing completion.


            The update is available now. Meshes are incorparated into the product, ready for download.


              New product coming soon. It is a C++ Plugin for Rope/Cable Simulations and Cutting. See:



              -As a component, it can be incorporated into other actors such as character blueprints.

              -Multiple instances can be added to the same actor.

              -C++ performs better than the blueprint implementations (though it is still intensive due to number of collision objects).

              -Easy to work with (useful options are exposed to blueprints, the rest is hidden in C++).

              -Attach to static meshes and skeletal meshes - even use to link two together.

              -Sound and Emitter effects on cut.

              The aim is to make the current product (this blueprint version) "Cuttable Spline System with Physics" an asset library for the new the C++ plugin. Whilst encouraging users to move over to the superior C++ plugin for the actual rope simulation and cutting.

              Of course anyone who wishes to continue using the current blueprint version can do so.


                Hi there, I'm really interested in the c++ plugin of this pack for a project. I sent you a direct message about it keep up the great work!
                W3 Studios