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    Originally posted by Mellnik View Post
    Does it feature copying morph targets between meshes at runtime? For example applying body fat of a human to a shirt to make it fit.
    Not yet, it will be available during runtime as well but only after further investigation. It's kind of heavy task, even though it's going to be multi-threaded like the current baking.


      Mesh Morpher 1.3.1 is Live! (07/31/2020)
      • [MM-39] Fixed a bug that didn't allow Morph Targets List to be updated after importing a Standalone Morph Target
      • Extra-optimization for Copying/Importing Morph Targets functionality


        Mesh Morpher 1.3.2 is Live!
        • [MM-40] Implemented Reference Skeletal Mesh functionality which allows you to add a Skeletal Mesh to the Preview Scene (Video)



          I've reached a milestone integrating Face Mocap into Mesh Morpher. This is still an experiment and i have no idea if or when will be available in the public version.

          How does it work?

          I'm capturing webcam input (in my case, video stream sent from my phone as a webcam).
          The stream gets processed using OpenCV : resizing, setting up grayscale and equalizing histogram on the result.
          I'm using dlib to identify faces and find face landmarks. Landmark points are used to create Delaunay triangulation (blue lines on the screen).
          Then the results gets written to texture.

          What`s next?

          Well, the hardest part. We need to identify face landmarks on the 3D mesh model we want to create morph targets for.
          I think these landmarks points should be manually configured as it should be a one-time task and allows for extra precision.
          Using those points we create the Delaunay triangulation.
          Here comes the fun part. I'm going to grab a delta for each triangle generated by the landmark points: Before and After.
          If delta exceeds a certain threshold then the corresponding triangle in the 3D Delaunay triangle data will apply it.
          From here we just need to identify the vertices on the mesh that are intersecting with the closest triangle and apply the delta.

          Sounds a bit crazy, but I think this will work.

          There are some extra things to finish as of right now:
          - Calibration
          - Improve Speed
          - Improve precision

          (much more)


            Mesh Morpher 1.3.3 is Live! (08/23/2020)
            • [MM-41] Implemented Restore Brush which allows you to revert back to original mesh in certain areas. (editor) (Video)
            • [MM-42] Fixed a bug where Brush Indicator would crash due to NaN. (editor)
            • [MM-43] Re-organized Tool panel. (editor)


              Mesh Morpher 1.3.4 is Live! (09/03/2020)
              • [MM-44] Implemented Transform Tool which allows you to scale, move and rotate a morph target (editor) (Please note that rotating a Morph Target invalidates its symmetry.) (Video)
              • [MM-45] Smooth Tool now has 3 types of smoothing that can be applied (Uniform, Mean Value and Cotan) (editor)

              Tool System has been cleaned further more.
              Brushes are now called tools. This change is a first step into the refactoring of Tool System that will allow building tools using blueprints.
              This refactoring will take some time, I'm not rushing into it. The system is kind of complex and it requires a huge amount of work.
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                Mesh Morpher 1.3.5 is Live! (09/04/2020)
                • [MM-46] Fixed a bug with Baking. Bug occurred when iterating over each section vertexes and in certain cases wouldn't correctly iterate through the end.


                  I've made a tutorial that's showing how to copy Face Morph Targets from Kite Boy to any of your meshes.

                  The kite boy head is from Epic's AR demo.

                  This tutorial uses the following Mesh Morpher tools:
                  • Transform Tool
                  • Bake Morph Target
                  • Copy Morph Target to another Mesh

                  The result gets much better once you align the meshes as much as possible.


                    Mesh Morpher 1.3.6 is Live! (09/07/2020)
                    • [MM-47] Implemented parallelism in Mesh Operations which increased the speed for all functions (Copy Morph Target, Import Morph Target, Apply Morph Targets, Bake etc.)
                    • [MM-48] Fixed and improved Normals for Baked Morph Targets.
                    • [MM-49] Fixed a bug with Transform Tool which would crash the engine when undo-ing while no Morph Target is selected.
                    • [MM-50] Removed ApplySpeed from Transform Tool.


                      Dev Update:
                      • Mesh Morpher Lite is now Free. This will allow people to test out before buying the Full version.
                      • Starting October 1st, Mesh Morpher will have its price increased. There's been a lot of work involved in Mesh Morpher and I believe it's only fair to increase its price. Current users will not be affected by this change.


                        Dev Update:

                        I got the first working test with blueprint custom tools in Mesh Morpher. Users will be able to create and modify their own tools using blueprints.

                        I'm working hard to allow full customization of tools without any restriction.

                        There's still some work that needs to be done: Re-implementing Brush Indicators/Transform Gizmo etc., porting all existing tools from C++ to blueprints (currently just Move has been ported), some additional helper functions and keeping everything as optimized as possible.


                          Hi Yaki, do you have a guide on how to use morphs for morph sliders in blueprints? #CharacterCreation

                          Also, is there an ETA for, copying morph targets between meshes at runtime. This is for customized character meshes (created on character creation screen), and adjustment of cloths at runtime depending on target morphology.
                          [LEGENDS of EPICATwitter / FB / YT / Vimeo]


                            Hi, i don't have such guide. But the MP surely has some examples.

                            I don't have any ETA for runtime Copying. The function is very intensive and still not viable for runtime. Still looking forward to optimize it more.


                              Originally posted by Yaki Studios View Post
                              Hi, i don't have such guide. But the MP surely has some examples.
                              Thanks for the prompt reply, but what are you suggesting with 'MP'?
                              [LEGENDS of EPICATwitter / FB / YT / Vimeo]


                                Originally posted by unit23 View Post
                                Thanks for the prompt reply, but what are you suggesting with 'MP'?
                                Hey. MP = Marketplace. You can also join discord at . I'm always checking there for new messages.