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    I'm proud to announce the release of Ducks on the Unreal Marketplace.

    These Ducks will walk to random Ground Targets taking breaks to feed. They will run then fly away from any Actor with an Enemy Tag. Once in the air they will fly to random Sky Targets (for an adjustable amount of time) after which they will return to the ground. The Ducks also come with Perching behavior and water interaction. Easy setup, just drag some Sky Targets, Perch Targets, Water Targets, and Ground Targets into your level and watch the show. You can also play as a Duck with walking and flying functionality.

    Ducks v1.0 Includes:
    • (1) Rigged and Animated Duck Skeletal Mesh (Mallard Duck)
    • (30) Animations
    • (2) Animation Blueprints
    • (3) NPC Character Blueprints with 1 Parent Class (Brown, Green, and White Ducks)
    • (2) Game Modes (Play as the Enemy character and/or play as a Duck)
    • High resolution Textures (4K) and Materials
    • Physics Asset
    • LOD’s
    • Single trace obstacle avoidance while flying and Enemy avoidance while on the ground.
    • Water interaction
    • Behavior Tree and AI Controller
    • Ragdoll on hit
    • Sounds (Duck calls, Splashes, and wing flaps)
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    I buyed the Ducks yesterday but this pack is to heavy, takes forever to only load, then i copied the folder direct into my project and now my project is loading 10 times slower. (basic fresh project with only a landscape in it)
    Till now i only got it to be up and running once. after a long time waiting.

    So at this point i can not use this pack as it just crashes my projects and my pc CPU goes 100% by only trying to load a new project.

    my pc:
    Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor (8 CPUs), ~3.5GHz
    Memory: 16384MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 16284MB RAM

    i'm timing: start fresh project 9:18 min end initializing 9:46 min.

    The test run once loaded looks and runs ok just the loading gets heavely put down and not just the first time but all the time you load that project.



      Sorry for the issues you are having. the issue is that the demo level contains assets from the Kite Demo, very resource hungry assets, I'll get those swapped out, they look nice but take forever to load.
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        **UPDATE** I have replaced all the Kite Demo assets and everything is loading much faster now. Let me know if you run into any further issues.



          Now it load very quick, i have a small question about the water where the ducks land, i'm using the trueSky water and sky in my project.
          By using this water that has no direct way in changing the components on it, only true the details panel i need to find a way to let the ducks land on the water.

          What is needed to keep them on there as for now they sink into the water. (If not posible i will use a other water asset for the small rivers and lakes)



            I have not used the TrueSky water but after some searching i can see it's not a still water but a undulating water. I can see why you are having issues. the Ducks work with buoyancy (settings in Character Movement) and a water volume, the same as any other swimming Character. You can also use a blocking volume with a custom collision channel so it only blocks the Ducks. As for the TrueSky water, does it have buoyancy settings? or can it be set to block all? I'm not sure. but these are the kind of things your looking for. In the Ducks demo level I use the Unreal Lakes water with a water volume. Hope that helps.
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