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EXTILE Non-repetitive Tiling Material

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    EXTILE Non-repetitive Tiling Material

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    EXTILE eliminates repetitiveness in tiling textures for both geometric and organic types. In the case of the geometric type it first randomizes each individual cell that is defined based on the texture’s rows and columns that make up the texture and then allows the user to shift those cells either horizontally or vertically recreating the staggering effect most commonly found in brick like forms or other types of tile patterns. In addition the material works directly with the Megascan livelink (optional) creating material instances directly from Bridge. Bridge offers many textures that take full advantage of the material but I have also created some videos on how to easily create them in Mixer.

    The material has two fractal options to break up the organic textures - the same principal applies as in the geometric meaning that the UVs are redistributed based on these fractals. There are a few parameters that you can work with in each method controlling the scale and distribution of the breakup.

    All of Extile’s functionality has been dissected in modular material functions as well giving one the ability to create materials based only on the parts required. The project file contains a few examples on single, double and triple layered setups. In addition it comes with a dirt layer, a Z-up procedural puddles effect and a parallax occlusion option as well as some other basic texture parameters. By default the material is set to use world aligned coordinates but it can be switched to local coordinates. Lastly the Master material allows you to bake the texture maps for further optimization should you want to using render targets.

    If you have any questions please let me know.


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    Tutorial videos:

    Technical Details

    · 1 X Extile Master Material

    · 6 X Unique Layered Material Masters

    · 14 X Material Instances

    · 1 X Bake Texture Blueprint

    · 19 X Material Functions including: geometric and organic texture randomization functions, puddles, procedural splat mask, WA coordinate function, multi-switch utility function and more.

    Number of Texture sets: 8

    Number of Texture masks: 4

    Texture Resolutions: (2k and 4k)

    Supported Development Platforms:

    Windows: (Yes)

    Documentation: Included in the project folder and in the project level itself.

    Good asset !
    (mp sent for the .23)
    And thank you for your help