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Sample Games/Starter Kit containing content from marketplace.

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    Sample Games/Starter Kit containing content from marketplace.

    Say I have made starter kit for game in C++.
    As everyone know, when you coding, you don't have time for such petty tasks as to create animations and models.

    While getting model problem around is easy, by using boxes and spheres, the animation one is not that easy.

    Say I need to include some animation from other users from, marketplace to make my starter kit/sample game, working, and be able to actually present that concept and code is working.

    Is it ok, under current license terms, or is it something I have to discuss with each content creator individually ? - Action RPG Starter kit. Work in Progress. You can use it in whatever way you wish.

    Hey man, I read up on this the other day so I thought I would pass it along. If you use content from another marketplace item, you need to have the sellers permission, otherwise you wont be able to use it. If it is the Epic sample content you mean, then I believe that is ok, but need permission for other marketplace items.

    See this thread for more info:

    Tim Sweeney answered a similar question, saying:

    The default answer is no. You can use other developers' Marketplace content for making games, but not for making content for sale to other developers for development (even a tutorial).

    Of course, you can talk to the developers of the Marketplace content you want to use, and ask for their explicit permission to allow you to do this. If you have their permission, then it's OK.
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