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[Plugin] Regular Expression Blueprints

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    [Plugin] Regular Expression Blueprints

    Regular Expressions are the 10mm socket in the toolkit of string handling. Much like the 10mm socket, they have been missing from blueprints. Of course I'm joking, Regular Expressions are actually a form of dark wizardry.

    In addition to exposing regular expressions to blueprints, this toolkit includes a pattern-builder, pattern fragments and a pattern debug output to help you save time when you are working with regular expressions. Also includes string tools such as Initial Capitals.

    I'm going to continue expanding the preset nodes and pattern-builder with some more kismet features, but I wanted to get a version of this out there so people can stop missing out on regex in blueprints. Ideally I'd like to add an in-blueprint preview of the results.

    It's worth nothing that UE doesn't seem to support regex flags, but its default behaviour appears to be at the least "gmiu" which is the most useful configuration.

    Coming very soon for $9.99.

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    Updated to include diacritical point replacement. Useful for sanitising user-input text for use as a TMap key or similar.

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      On the string tool debugging front the plugin also exposes some more Print String functionality to blueprints and adds several quality-of-life improvements. UE C++ already allows your to condense output by key, but Print String Plus will allow you to track how many times each log message category has occurred and allows FName keys rather than uint64.

      Less on-screen messages, more information.

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