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MoveIt! Multiplayer Locomotion System

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    [RELEASED] MoveIt! Multiplayer Locomotion System

    MoveIt! is a semi-procedural locomotion system for Unreal Engine 4 featuring full network replication and easy integration.

    Marketplace Link

    Documentation Link
    • Full network prediction and replication
    • Easy to integrate, easy to work with
    • Clean and efficient multi-threaded animation
    • Procedural strafing
    • Pivoting
    • Procedural Foot IK and floor orientation
    • Procedural gait
    • Semi-procedural jumping & landing
    • Turn in place
    • Sprinting
    • Procedural ducking (under obstacles)
    • Incline adjustment
    • Impacts with walls, scuffing walls, impact with other characters
    • Surface impacts (procedural footstep system that works with any bone)
    • Regular third person movement mode & cycled movement mode (see feature overview video)
    • View Component with camera blending and character state transitions
    • Procedural Look Targets
    • Twitch Bones (procedural hit reaction)
    • Weapon adjustment (weapon and offhand placement)
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    MoveIt! has gone through some significant updates. Check out the new feature overview video above! Full changelog available here and we're only just getting started