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    [WIP] Virtual Texture Environment

    Hi there!
    We are working on an environment with runtime virtual texture landscape material and procedural foliage. We also included non RVT version with dynamic season change with parameter collection since VRT can't dynamically sample textures yet. I would like to share what we have done so far and give some details about the pack.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SVT_03.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	SVT_02.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	SVT_01.jpg
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    Package Details:

    -Supported Versions:
    - 4.23
    - 4.24

    - 2x2 km Mediterranean Island
    - 2x2 km Mediterranean Land
    - 4x4 km Mediterranean Land
    *There are also non RVT versions of these landscapes which you can check performance&quality differences between RVT and Non-RVT. Also you can dynamically change climate to Autumn or Winter on Non-RVT maps. There are seasons for RVT maps too but they are static. You can get more information once we publish documentation.

    - 5 types of Olive Tree
    - 5 types of Mediterranean Pine Tree
    - 4 types of Poplar Tree

    - 6 Flowers
    - 6 Grass
    - 2 Shrub

    - Master Landscape Runtime Virtual Texture Material with RVT feature switch.
    - Master Landspace Material without RVT
    - Master Foliage Material
    - Master Foliage Billboard Material
    - Master Leaf Material 01
    - Master Leaf Material 02
    - Master Water Material
    *47 Material Instances of these master materials

    -Material Functions:
    - Landscape Blend
    - Marble
    - Master Material Foliage Function
    - Snow
    - Fake Wind
    - Tex Coord
    *Some of the function names don't give any information of what they do but we will change their names and explain what they do in the documentation.

    We added couple of videos if anyone interested in:

    Preview Video

    Adding Virtual Texture and Procedural Foliage