Hi folks,
It's now available on Marketplace!

I'm working on Tropical Jungle Environment with UE4 for marketplace asset pack for the Unreal Engine.
It will include the map, foliage/trees and other scene details.
Here is a screenshot from the current scene.
C&C are very welcome.
The Goal is to provide high quality & optimized assets for game & VR. you know, foliage is pretty challenging. like Overdraw, Shader Complexity, culling, Wind Animation. etc.

This scene is running well 60-70fps on my PC with GTX1060 6GB & Ryzen 1600X

Hope you like it!

  • Unified wind parameter with Material Parameter Collection (MPC)
  • Realistic wind movement
  • Simple foliage interaction with Player
  • PBR Materials

[12] Trees
[2] Dead trunk
[4] Clover
[4] Ferns
[6] Bushes
[6] Grass
[11] Jungle Plants
[8] Vines
[6] Rocks
[1] River
[1] Falling leaves particle

Number of Unique Meshes: 60
Collision: Yes, and custom, automatically generated
Vertex Count: 91 to 5663 vertices
LODs: Yes, Some have billboard LOD
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 108
Number of Textures: 210
Texture Resolutions: 512px to 4096px
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Not tested yet
Documentation: Not Yet
Important/Additional Notes: -