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[RELEASED] Beefy Grass Lands

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    New package update has been submitted, and should be available soon!
    • Additional player/object interaction parameters. (squash + bend)
    • New dandelion flowers.
    • Improved color gradients.

    Marketplace link.


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    Here's another real quick promo video.

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  • started a topic [RELEASED] Beefy Grass Lands

    [RELEASED] Beefy Grass Lands

    Hello! I've just released an update for my Beefy Grass Lands package, with mobile optimizations and improved material functionality. The full pack now contains 2 example levels, 10 unique grass types, master grass material, and much more. Versions 4.21 and above are supported.


    Functions and parameters include:
    • Base color gradients / animated highlights.
    • Advanced wind vertex animations with PivotPainter2.
    • Set grass vertex normals to match landscape shading.
    • Mesh alignment (vertical).
    • Mesh scale variation based on texture noise and slope information.
    • Player/Object interactions: mesh culling and scaling effect.
      - (Two methods: using a parameter collection, or Mesh Distance-Fields.)
    • Landscape color blending
      - (Two methods: using a material function, or Runtime Virtual Texturing.)

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