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Content only plugins?

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    Content only plugins?

    I'm currently creating a plugin with basic player functions (health, thirst, hunger, level systems etc.. etc..) for the marketplace using c++

    However I made the whole system using blueprints first, so when I comes to writing the code minimal testing has to be done.

    The whole blueprint verison has been fully setup and work has started on the c++ version (happy days!)

    When I made my plugin I noticed a "content only" option, I assume that means no c++ classes, obviously that's useless for my c++ plugin.

    does this mean you can make and release a blueprint (blueprints only) plugin for the marketplace?

    I'm a bit confused cause it states "code plugin" on the catagorys, so I'm unsure if the blueprint verison would get accepted on the marketplace

    It'll be nice to have both on there for visual scripters and c++ scripters.

    I know I can add the blueprint version as a template project, but all it is, is a actor component and a few structs. Seems pointless turning that into a template project.

    Any info would be great!

    Many thanks,


    +1... Interested to know more about Content-Only Plugins as well...


      Bump, still looking for an answer too this..