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Editor Tools, what would you like to see?

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    [GAUGING INTEREST] Editor Tools, what would you like to see?

    Hi all
    I recently started making editor tools, after having needed it for some freelance work I was doing
    I wasn't planning on releasing it, but after so many requests I put it on the marketplace, and it's been doing very well

    So i would like to keep making tools to help speed things up in the editor, whether it's making some kind of process easier, or saving time by reducing numbers of steps it takes to do something, or optimizing scenes/builds

    To give you an idea, this is the tool I released recently:
    It helps find unused assets and list them out, then allow users to manage them easily form one window

    My question is, what do you guys feel would be the most useful to have?
    Do you have any annoying process that you have to repeat often?
    Do you find yourself often wasting time because you have to do something that takes time but you feel like it shouldn't?

    Is there some kind of step in your creation process you wish was faster or easier or just didn't exist?

    Is there anything you find very hard to understand or find out about your assets/game (like what's taking so much space in my build? what's the most expensive thing in my scene?)

    Let me know and I will take it into account in my next tool projects

    Thanks for the input!

    Is there some kind of step in your creation process you wish was faster or easier or just didn't exist?
    #1. Editor Tool to convert Levels / Maps into Blueprints automatically.
    It'd help with Level-Streaming & Multiplayer in a major way right now.


    Multiplayer replication Load Level Instance Bug:
    Clients never receive the Level or reference etc.

    It'd also help by allowing levels to behave more like Blueprints which brings advantages...
    Like 'instancing' smaller levels in new and creative ways that levels don't allow right now:
    (Multiple instances in the same level at different rotations and scales and colors etc etc).

    #2. Editor Window Layout *Saved Preferences* never seems to work properly (up to 4.18 anyway). Its especially annoying after a crash, when you just want to get back working quickly. But instead UE4 opens up former windows and tabs in a new master pane that's different from the main editor window (completely obscuring the viewport and getting in the way of PIE testing etc). To sum up: An Editor tool that properly saves all open windows, sub-windows and tabs, would be really welcome...

    what's the most expensive thing in my scene?)
    #3. A performance helper to point users in the right direction quickly, without having to use the built-in Profiler would be great. For example, optimizing a scene right now where metrics like Stat Unit don't offer clues about where the fault lies. Its easy to see what's causing the FPS-MS hit (a collection of vehicles going from stationary to moving - non AI). But that's actually not a big help in understanding the underlying problem. By trial and error, it was clear that too many objects in the scene (with collision that hadn't been merged), were causing a loss of 10-20 FPS to the process. But where else do we look to look to get another 10-20 FPS back etc....
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