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    Phoenix i bought today Conversation2D Plug and downloaded the TurnBasedjRPGSample can i use the NPC.uasset blueprint and the Conversation2DSampleUI.uasset widget from TurnBasedjRPGSample to my purchased TurnBasedjRPG.


      LF45 yes you can. In the documentation (Section 5), I explained how to integrate the plugin to the template.
      You can come to Discord so I can help you faster there.


        oo thats awesome thank you, i will install discord


          The asset has been updated! New version changes:
          - Party system
          - Dismiss unit option
          - Turn based on Speed stat
          - Action Time is a stat now
          - Persistent Hp and Mp
          - Usable items outside of battle

          Added an option to make turns based on Speed stat. (Documentation Section 2.3)

          Moved the code from player pawn to player controller. Make sure you create your own player controller based on BP_JRPGPlayerController. Party size can be adjusted from this blueprint. (Documentation Section 3.2)

          Action time is moved to stats and can be set to change when unit levels up. (Documentation Section 3.3.2)

          Updated documentation about Conversation 2D Plugin integration. (Documentation Section 5)


            The asset has been updated! New version changes:
            - Resurrection system
            - Shrine
            - Usable skills outside of battle
            - Option to change main character in explore mode depending on party leader

            I have added Revive Potion that revives a dead unit in or out of battle.

            Shrine is a new interactable that fully heals and revives all player units.

            Some skills can be used outside of battle now (Heal skills)

            Added an enum to BP_JRPGPlayerController blueprint to change main character in explore mode. Set the exploreCharacter variable in all player units to make this work.


              The asset has been updated! New version changes:
              - Gold
              - Misc items
              - Item vendor

              I have added gold and misc items to BP_JRPGPlayerController. Enemies can drop misc items and gold.

              Every item has a price variable now.

              Divided items UI into 2 category. Showing usable items or misc items based on the category.

              Added item vendor NPC for buying and selling items.


                The asset has been updated! New version changes:
                - Show all party members in explore mode (Requires NavMesh)
                - Explore skills
                - Skill requirements for interactions

                I have added an option to show all party members in explore mode. It is an enum in "BP_jRPGPlayerController" blueprint. Navigation mesh is needed for this to work. (Clicking TAB, left control or left - right bumper on the gamepad will possess other characters that are in the party)

                Player units can have explore skills now. These skills might be required to interact with some objects.

                Interactable objects can have requirements. For example, a chest can be locked and can only be opened if the current explore character has a certain explore skill like Lockpicking. Characters that don't have this skill won't be able to open the chest.


                  Hi PhoenixMarket,
                  I’m very interested in purchasing this template, it looks amazing!

                  I just have 2 questions:
                  1. Are you planning to implement an Equipment system?
                  2. Are you planning to implement a quest system?

                  Thanks in advance!


                    AviramBenshimol Hi there. I just released the equipment system
                    I will add Quest system to my To-Do list. Join the Discord Server to get notification about the updates.


                      The asset has been updated! New version changes:
                      - Player unit classes
                      - Equipment system

                      Each player unit will have a class now (mage, archer, etc..) These are needed because different classes will be able to wear different equipment.

                      Equipment gives stats and skills (Battle & Explore skills).

                      Added Equipment UI where player can manage which unit wears what equipment.

                      Modified character UI to show stats and equipment of the selected unit.


                        The asset has been updated! New version changes:
                        - Equipment Mesh

                        Add static mesh or skeletal mesh for the 3D model of the equipment that will be shown when the player unit puts the equipment on.

                        Skeletal mesh of the unit can also be changed depending on the equipment worn.

                        Have a look at Section 3.9 Equipment Mesh in documentation for more info about this update.

                        Have fun!