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    Originally posted by Tukaram View Post
    Great job with the tool...
    1. Tukaram, Thank you for the positive feedback!

    2. On looping halt: Luos had a seemingly similar problem back in 2019 nov (could be read above, end of comment #6 + answer in #7).
    Here is a short video on how to fix this:
    + a more generic Ninja tutorial on working with non-looped sequences:

    3. On "how to use the tool, setting up a preset from scratch":
    A. You could create and modify presets in Ninja, by using the "double floppy disk" icon (duplicate) besides the preset selection rolldown menu - simply duplicate the preset that - in your opinion - contains the best setup to start a new one. Here is video tutor on this one: + Manual page 10.
    Preset naming / placement is also important - it is influencing the scope of visible (accessible) input assets. Here is the related video tut: + Manual page 12

    B. You could create / manage / modify presets in the UE Content browser, here is how to do it:

    Sum: 2 hours of video tutorials split to 15 tematic chapters + 30 pages of manual - all available on the product page - I wrote / spoke all I could - boring as hell, but you have to dig your way through in case if you would like to master the Ninja )) Go go go!


      Fluidninja VFX Tools for Unreal, additional content
      Exploring Parallax Occlusion Mapping technology (POM)
      1. Tutorial video, 7 minutes
        At Youtube
      2. Downloadable, Zipped Unreal Project (UE 4.20 and above), 27 Mbytes
        Mirror1, LINK
        Mirror2, LINK
      The POM UE project is a collection of blueprints, materials and explanative scenes, delivering technology to make 2D flipbooks “look 3D”. The project is free to use, could be utilized without Ninja - and of course it could be integrated to Ninja.

      The project structure is matching the “Content/FluidNinja” scheme, it only needs to be copied to the same folder.

      Here is a detailed explanation on the technology: LINK
      If you are considering using Ninja: this project is a good intro with example content, baked data and materials - have a look!
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