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KiBLII - Keyboard Layout-Independent Input

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    [SUBMITTED] KiBLII - Keyboard Layout-Independent Input

    Hi All,

    Just submitted Keyboard Layout-Independent Input, a code plugin that extends UE4 with effortless support for all keyboard layouts.

    • Automatic translation of all key events to standard US QWERTY keyboard layout.
    • Text input using system keyboard layout, be it DVORAK, AZERTY or something entirely different.
    • Blueprint functions to translate keys from QWERTY back to the system keyboard layout.
    • Customized InputKeySelector widget, that displays bound keys using their true character.
    • Font asset containing over 1600 characters needed to display keys from all standard Windows keyboard layouts.
    • Works only on Windows platform. On Linux and MacOS the plugin provides InputKeySelector widget and Blueprint functions that work with the system keyboard layout. This way the project can easily be developed and deployed on those platforms.