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    [RELEASED] Widget Notification System


    I have recently released a version 1.0 of my plugin 'Widget Notification System' which is a code plugin allowing for plug and play notifications for use with UMG widgets. You can check out the plugin on the marketplace here. The plugin is released for 4.22 but should work equally well from 4.20 up to 4.23, I am currently waiting for submission to be approved so the plugin can officially be supported by 4.23.

    The plugin is currently in a 1.0 release so it supports all functionality to allow for easy notifications, however more features can be added if there are any requests, as long as they are doable (of course).
    If you have any questions for how the plugin works or how to do certain things feel free to ask here and I will be happy to help. I have previously used this plugin on other projects so I am confident that it should work well for anyone who buys it.
    • One simple function to push notifications to nine different regions of the screen. Works exactly as the "Create Widget" function and even allows you to modify instanced parameters before pushing.
    • Remove Notifications
    • Clear All Notifications from an Notification-Area
    • Custom Settings Per Notification
    • Update Notification Settings in Runtime
    • Smoothly moves notifications when other notifications are removed
    • Supports both Top-Down and Bottom-Up pushing
    • Project Settings Settings to decide how each notification-area should work

    Technical Details

    Code Modules:
    • NotificationSystem (Runtime)
    • NotificationSystemEditor (Editor)
    Number of Blueprints: 0
    Number of C++ Classes: 6
    Network Replicated: No, but you can use multicast functions to push widgets to every player's screen.
    Supported Development Platforms: All
    Supported Target Build Platforms: Currently Only tested with Windows but should work for all platforms.
    Documentation: Coming Soon
    Example Project: LINK
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