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Mixed Martial Arts Animset - Pack One

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    [SUBMITTED] Mixed Martial Arts Animset - Pack One

    Hi everyone,

    I recently submitted the Mixed Martial Arts Animset - Pack One to the Unreal Engine marketplace. The current pack contains 22 high-quality animations with mirrored animations and also feature both the attacker and the victim/defender. I plan on working more on these packs and release more depending on the type of feedback I get back from the community.

    Let me know your thoughts and what you'd like to see more!

    FYI, for any support questions or technical problems with this pack, kindly send an email to

    Trailer & Demo

    • 22 high-quality MMA Animations
    • 22 Mirrored Animations
    • Idle
    • Start Match
    • Block
    • Combo - Attacker
    • Combo Victim
    • Dodge Back
    • Dodge Left
    • Dodge Right
    • Fall on Face
    • Getting Punched
    • Hook Punch Attacker
    • Hook Punch Victim
    • Swing Kick Attacker
    • Swing Kick Victim
    • Low Kick
    • Power Punch
    • Spinning High Kick Attacker
    • Spinning High Kick Victim
    • Spinning Mid Kick Attacker
    • Spinning Mid Kick Victim
    • Jump Back (easily blend with any other moves)
    • Getting Punched Reaction

    Technical Details:

    Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
    Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes
    Number of Animations: 44