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    Thanks for the tips! I made previously mistake on my side. It works fine!. However, I have question regarding classes and blueprints. I made a blueprint from an actor which contains static mesh component with model and material. Everything is included in my mounted .pak file which I'm loading. When I want to spawn the blueprint to world, it does not have the static mesh in static mesh component. The .pak file is successfully loaded. [UE4.24]

    Do I have to do something extra or the BP should spawn as usual with everything inside without touching it?

    It works well when I want to spawn StaticMeshActors but I would like to spawn my actors (inherited from actor class) which can contain various components inside.

    Thank you for any answer!

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      Dash-POWER the only thing that does not work for me is GetPakFileClass... try a workaround to get its class...
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        Hi! Do you plan mobile support?


          sivan BlueMountainsIO Well, I can confirm that the GetPakFileClass works for me. It spawning the actor to the world and ticking. If I will put there other components like post process, point light, it's completely fine. It somehow works with static mesh components but only it seems with Engine Content meshes like box, cone etc... (So referencing meshes somehow works only with specific meshes?) but material doesn't.

          My hypothesis are that when mounting .pak and using GetPakFileClass to spawn class, the Asset Registry or don't know what exactly what is not able to link all references to that spawned blueprint. (static mesh > material > textures...) (Point light works, Post process works - because there are part of the bluperint and they are not referencing anything outside). Yes. You can spawn an actor blueprint, but all references will be broken it seems.

          I'm using UE4.24 and don't know if it's bug or normal behavior.