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    Well unfortunately it seems i still l cant get my own BP's adding to the asset registry with this. Can a BP Asset not be added to the registry without a assetregistry.bin file?
    Was trying to avoid using the plugin packaging method due to adding to the end user complexity, instead im running a cook with a CMD Editor then packaging the related assets but it always gives me this after mounting
    LogStreaming: Error: Couldn't find file for package /Game/Avatars/New/BP_Bader requested by async loading code. NameToLoad: /Game/Avatars/New/BP_Bader
    LogStreaming: Error: Found 0 dependent packages...
    LogAssetRegistry: GetAssetsByPackageName for BP_Bader:

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    I just bought this and tested it, and was happy to see that BP_Test blueprint class was registered in the asset registry after download and mount. This was something I was struggling with for pak loading. I was going to try to make this work in a multiplayer game, and was wondering if you had tried this already? Would you have any reason to believe this wouldn't work, or any suggestions as to how to make it work properly with multiplayer? Wondering best way to minimizing any kind of hitches in a VR game.
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  • started a topic [RELEASED] Pak File Loader Plugin

    Pak File Loader Plugin

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    Support thread for the Pak Loader plugin.

    Allows you to mount .pak files through Blueprints and load assets.

    • Mount/Unmount .pak files.
    • Register mount points to support references between pak assets.
    • Download (.pak) files via HTTP.
    • Load objects (all kind of assets).
    • Load classes (Blueprints).
    • Utility functions like GetMountedPakFilenames, GetFilesInPakDirectory, SHA1SUM, IsValidPakFile, etc.


    Documentation (Read before buy)

    Example Project (Requires the plugin; read documenation first)