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    [REQUEST] Top Down Vehicle Simulator

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm making a top-down twin-stick shooter for Consoles, PC, and Mobile devices that's a little bit like the old Grand Theft Auto games.
    I've browsed through the Marketplace and haven't found anything like this so here's my request...

    Simple Request:
    + Simple driving system made using Blueprints that are easy-to-update things like speed, tracking, turning radius, etc..
    + Example Map with 3 very different vehicles such as a Truck, Car, and Motorcycle. This Example Map should demonstrate how the vehicles do on mountainous landscapes and jumps.
    + Driving into walls damages both the vehicle and those inside the vehicle.

    Advanced Request:
    + Controller Controls: I'd like the left analog stick to control both speed and direction, leaving the right analog stick free for aiming.
    + If your car is driving in one direction and you flick the left analog stick the other way, the vehicle skids a 180 as best it can, sometimes skidding into walls as it tries to change direction.
    + Multiplayer support: Occupying vehicles with more than one player.
    - Player teleports to inside the closest vehicle by pressing the "get in vehicle" button.
    - No animations for getting in or out of vehicles to speed things up.
    - If you're suddenly alone in a vehicle, you become the driver.
    Note that for top-down to function properly the camera angle should determine the inputs, not the pawn's current rotation.

    Extras that aren't necessary...
    + Vehicles can skid, leaving behind trails of burnt rubber if toggled on. No skid marks in the air obviously.
    + Include a Speed Boat to the system.

    Am I missing anything important?

    is it just simulator or will it contain some weapons,ai etc? or driving system


      Originally posted by tero83 View Post
      is it just simulator or will it contain some weapons,ai etc? or driving system
      I only need a system for the driving and vehicles from top down perspective.

      There are at least 3 different Top Down shooter kits on the marketplace and I own all of them.
      As of right now I can't find any driving systems that are for top down view as I described above.