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Epic Animation set and Mixamo Characters

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    You need ver 4.5 preview in order to do the re-targeting. If you don't have it yet, go into your launcher, click the '+' beside the word 'Engine' at the top of the 'Library' tab, then in the new Slot that was created, click the version number drop down box and choose "Preview" from the list, then it will give you a button to download the 4.5 preview release. Once it is all ready to go, then watch the witch stream video and follow along.

    Ver 4.4.3 doesn't have the re-targeting options, you will need to get the new 4.5 preview.
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      Mixamo said in a webinar few weeks ago, that it will be possible to download content from Mixamo with UE4 rig.

      In this thread is mentioned.!
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