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RuntimeMeshImportExport - Import and Export runtime created static meshes using Assimp library

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    Hello !
    I want to export the level as obj with runtime export with all the actor placed by player.
    When i press a button on widget I want to export it.
    I can't get it to work.


      Originally posted by AronBaron View Post
      @jimlacube As Rumbleball said you need to create a material that matches with the right parameter names and use that as source material in your "Material Info to Dynamic Material". Here is my material example:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Material1.JPG
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ID:	1725806Click image for larger version

Name:	Material2.JPG
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ID:	1725807

      All those parameters are filled by the importer (if available). Now it depends what you want to use and what your file brings with it. This example is based on an obj import that comes with an mtl file. In my case the mtl file contains all kind of material infos like Ni, Diffuse, TexDiffuse and so on.

      As you can see I only use a few (also work in progress) but the material info contains so much more. Just start somewhere but stick to the naming convention that way you make sure the "Material Info to Dynamic Material" replaces/sets the correct values. Whoever created the .gltf and .glb files should be able to tell you what material parameter it provides.
      Can you share this material file ?


        Hi Rumbleball, I'm currently working with your awesome plugin. I'm trying to load .ifc models and it's working pretty great. I have created a material that matches with the right parameters but there are two parameters that I don't know how to use.

        ```LogBlueprintUserMessages: [BP_CustomMeshImporter_4] -------------------- MaterialInfo -------------------
        Material Name: <IFCDefault>
        bWireframe: false
        bTwoSided: false
        ShadingModel: , as int: -1
        BlendMode: , as int: -1
        Diffuse: (R=0.600000,G=0.600000,B=0.600000,A=1.000000)

        This is an example of one section. But idk what to do with ShadingModel and BlendMode. Is that something your nodes automatically replaces just like the scalarparameter, vectorparameter, etc?
        And if it something I have to do myself: How could I do that?

        Best Regards,