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question about market assets

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    question about market assets

    hello there , im making mobile project and some assets on the marketplace does not say it support mobile but for some reason im able to add it to my mobile project
    the question is will it work ? i wish there was more free content for mobile

    When marketplace creator checks the mobile box (Android/ios )it means the assets are created with mobile device abilities in mind = creator hopefully tested the assets with mobile device, optimized texture resolutions, reduced vertex count, baked lighting, streamlined materials etc. If no mobile icons is presented in marketplace asset details then it's highly probable that even thou you can add them to your mobile project the actual mobile device can/will choke when building the finished project.
    Marketplace Assets : HERE
    (End of the world, Dark forest, Forest floor, Shady forest, Landfill,
    Dolls,Swamp, Slaughterhouse, Cold forest,Casino props)