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CRC12 - Cartoon Race Cars 12 + 2 [Submitted]

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    CRC12 - Cartoon Race Cars 12 + 2 [Submitted]

    I've submitted my cars last week, still waiting for a reply, or approval.

    Currently I'm trying to import and do more research about the whole thing, But UE4 is giving me hard times on my laptop.
    I'll try in the next days to add an in-engine preview

    Also a question for the devs, Is there any plan for Paypal integration?

    So let me go into the details.
    I build 14 cartoon cars, and There are 3 versions ( Desktop , Mobile and Collision Mesh ), the Desktop Version Cars have 4000-6000 tris, Mobile versions 2000-2800 tris and Collision Mesh less than 250 tris
    The pack has psd layerd included at 1024x1024 texture and 512x512 texture for the tires.

    The current cars have polycount view on website for each and olso a UV Display.
    You must load the cars 360view by clicking on the cars and UV Display By clicking on UV icon.

    For a full 360 View you can check it out at this link : - Click on the cars for a 360degree view.

    After a week no reply about the Submission and no comment.


      Hey Alex,

      Really like the look of these, awesome work! Chance Ivey recently commented on the submission process in another thread, hopefully this'll help you a little bit - I'm sure they're working on it!

      Originally posted by Chance Ivey View Post
      We're still working out the kinks on the submissions process, so thanks for the feedback! At this time we typically only reach back out immediately if something is wrong with or missing from the submission. Review and setup have a number of manual bits at this point, so we appreciate your patience in the process, and know that refining the entire pipeline is something we are actively working on.


        I like this!

        I could use it for what I am working on