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Cyberpunk City Sound Pack with Presets and Speech

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    [GAUGING INTEREST] Cyberpunk City Sound Pack with Presets and Speech

    Hi everyone! I'm putting together a sound pack for the marketplace and want to gauge interest on a couple features.

    Most sound packs give you hundreds of sounds. If you know what you're doing and you have the time, getting your sounds this way is great. You get one cue for each sound, and you can make your own cues to combine sounds.

    My aim is to make things as easy as possible. So my pack has around 625 wavs and cues, as well as 30 demonstrator cues for setting up sounds for weapons / speech / character animation / object physics, 20 blueprint demonstrators you can pick up and drop into other projects that show you about location-specific sounds / crossfading / transitioning between spaces, and 32 sound mixes / classes / reverb / attenuation settings with tips on how to use them (again, something you can just drag and drop). I've made an overview video of the Demo Map - check out the link below

    I'm also building a vocalisation section that calls syllables at random to deliver audible dialogue that a) allows you use the spoken word at small performance cost and b) sidesteps audio localisation issues.

    What do you think? Are you happy getting a bulk of wavs and cues? Or do you want something that adds a number of presets to that bulk where you change a few settings and drop them into your own project?

    Demo Map:

    Sample Track:
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