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(MegaGrant) Iliad : Intelligent Layered Imaging Architecture for Drawing.

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    I deleted what I originally posted, nevermind ^^'
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      Easy way of swapping each board for the 3d shot, maybe keeping camera moves in the storyboard.
      Yes, it is planned to create and keep camera moves.

      Maybe I'm going too far, but if you put layers in the storyboard tool, that you can actually offset in depth (like you would in a 3D scene in After Effects), than later you can swap a drawing in a layer, let's say a character, for the 3D skeletal mesh of it, and the scene layout is kind of blocked already. Also good for parallax in camera moves.
      Hmm, at the moment, it would be complicated to create a parallax with layers from the same 2D texture. Plus, if we're working with a 3D background, the parallax should be appear without additional work. Obviously, it depends on your workflow : either your storyboard is made from scratch (you have no assets, just a pen and a paper board) or you are working from an already existing environment (background, characters, etc.). The 1st option is more common in 2D productions, the 2nd is more common in 3D productions (in the animation industry - which is our main professional background, let's keep that in mind )



        - Both options. I guess for the animated sprites it would be better to have a single asset, custom, than let's say 63 textures in a folder.
        From our experience, layers had a very little impact on the framerate. But of course, with UE in the equation, things might be different

        (arg, it is annoying that I have to post several times in a row -_-')



          How the tileset used during the livestream was made



            How to make sprite animations


              Another video about ILIAD, recorded by a nice Russian guy during the Unreal Academy in London :


                Here is a FAQ that answers all questions we had during the livestream. Feel free to join our forum if you have other questions !

                How much is ILIAD ?
                The beta version is free !

                Is the Beta version limited?
                The beta version can be used by anyone, as it will be accessible on the Marketplace

                Is ILIAD Open-source ?
                A magician never reveals his tricks !
                (so, the answer is : nope)

                In the end, we decided to make sources available. This way, people who use a custom version of Unreal Engine can compile ILIAD, and people who are willing to improve ILIAD are welcome to share their work with Praxinos team to make improvements for the whole community.

                Is ILIAD vector-based ?
                We’ve chosen the bitmap side. However, we consider adding vector-based tools in the future.

                What is the Min/Max resolution ?
                First, we say definition, not resolution. Second, the minimum size is 1*1 pixel and the maximum size is the same as Unreal Engine : 8196*8196 pixels

                Does ILIAD work with a mouse or a tablet ?
                Both, but we strongly advise you to use a graphic tablet (Wacom, Huion, etc). However, keep in mind that ILIAD use Ink API at the moment, not Wintab API yet (work-in-progress).

                Is ILIAD pressure-sensitive ?
                Yes, and many other connections are possible : acceleration, altitude, azimuth, angle (normal, vector, tangent), distance along stroke, jolt, pitch, roll, yaw, speed and twist.

                What type of assets can be edited with ILIAD ?
                Any kind of 2D textures (diffuse, normal, specular, etc.)

                Are Photoshop brushes compatible with ILIAD ?
                Not at all : the engine used to build brushes is totally different. Odyssey brushes are Blueprint-based.

                What is the Bit depth ?
                You can create 8-bit 2D textures and you can edit 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit textures.

                Can we paint directly in the viewport ?
                Not yet.

                Can we animate ?
                Well… you can do it if you combine ILIAD with Flipbook. But we must be honest here : this is not the best way to animate. Be patient, we are building dedicated tools to do this

                Can we use ILIAD in runtime ?
                Yup !

                Can we paint seamlessly ?
                Yup, thanks to our Odyssey brushes that use Bluperint. By the way, there is a seamless brush included by default.

                Are there transform tools ?
                Not yet, work-in-progress.

                Can we use mask / stencils ?
                Not yet, work-in-progress.

                Are there filters such as noise ?
                Not yet, work-in-progress.

                Can we create Layer groups / folders ?
                Not yet, work-in-progress.

                What is Odyssey release date ?
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                  Looks amazing! Keep up the good work
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                    Thank you very much for your message !

                    We are still working hard to release the beta version this month. Stay tuned !


                      Hi everyone !

                      We know, ILIAD is still unavailable on Unreal Engine Marketplace. We submitted it yesterday, but there are still a few things to review. Thank you for your patience. Here is a little teasing of the Marketplace page with ILIAD :
                      Stay tuned !


                        ILIAD is finally available on the Marketplace !

                        Announcement (crazy) video :
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                          Can the brush BP editor get the name of the active layer? So you could have different brush settings per-brush-per-layer...


                            Hey Tomofnz ! The idea is great (I mean it !), but it won't be feasible at the moment. It would require the layer to be a unique asset with an ID to make a brush usable on that single layer.

                            BTW, speaking of layers, keep in mind they are automatically merged after you saved the texture. The only way to keep layers is to extract them ("File > Export layer as Textures").
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                              Hi, just got beta 0.1 installed and... can't really paint a thing. So i opened up the OdysseyBrush and the're a lonely node Event On Step... Don't think it's the way the brush should look like, so i wonder where are the rest of the wires and nodes gone?.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	odyssey_brush.png Views:	0 Size:	133.7 KB ID:	1700504


                                All I got it - there is no default brush set for ILIAD included in this beta. We have to make it as a blueprint in order to draw. OK, so i used this video to make a simple stamp brush like this:

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	iliab_Simple_brush.png Views:	0 Size:	130.1 KB ID:	1700544

                                and it worked out kinda OK...but there are some issues:

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	iliad_brush_test.png Views:	0 Size:	195.0 KB ID:	1700545

                                The first one is about texture stamp sample.
                                For some reason, I wasn't able to make brush to draw with the texture mask. All I got is the basic squre brush instead.
                                • what type of a texture file we should use for the stamp sample?
                                • image size recommended?
                                • alpha channel or mask?
                                • can you provide a sample here for us?
                                Another issue is about stylus pressure functions that didn't work out for me:
                                • pressure controlling the opacity (flow)
                                • pressure controlling the brush size
                                Not sure if this matters but just in case - I have Use Windows Ink option disabled for my Wacom tablet.

                                And the last one to mention is the speed of brush following the actual stylus movement. It is literally trying to chase the pen if you get a bit faster than slow. I wonder if this is somehow related to my box (i hope not) but still, it is worth to mention that critical thing for a drawing software.

                                A bug noticed: sometimes undo lives a marks at the lower part of the canvas
                                Best, Alex
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