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    [RELEASED] Auto Node Arranger

    Auto Node Arranger

    Marketplace Link:

    Demo Video:


    With the Auto Node Arranger plugin, you can automatically arrange your graph nodes the way you want. The arrangement works for all graph types. You can customize the arrangement to have exactly the graph you want.

    Please report any unexpected behaviours. It will be fixed as soon as possible.

    Auto Arrange on pin connection / Arrange straight

    Support mail:

    • Arrange graph nodes
    • Auto arrange on pin connection
    • Group nodes
    • Select connexe graph
    • Auto generate loop reroute node

    • 3 arrange modes : Straight/Center/Compact
    • Customizable spacing
    • Support all graph types
    • One-hand shortcuts (by default)

    Code Modules: Editor

    Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Win32, Mac, Linux

    Hello, I'm generally enjoying the plugin, it's great when quickly throwing down blueprint, tidying up as I go.
    The per graph type config is a great idea, look forward to that once I nail down my own preferences.

    Two issues I've encountered:

    Comment boxes are ignored by the arrangement.
    Description: When auto arranging nodes, if I have nodes in a comment box the comment box the comment box is left behind and the nodes move out of it.
    Expected Behaviour: The comment box would ideally be treated as its own graph and then after all comment boxes are resolved (may resize) then the comment boxes are treated as nodes within the remaining graph layout solve.
    I see there could be issues with this, it would get tricky with multiple output links from one comment box.

    When connecting a node it may move out of view.
    Expected Behaviour: Move the editor view to centre on the node that was was connected to, or at least move view to keep it on screen.