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    [RELEASED] Button Prototype Kit

    Just released the first version 1.0.0 of the Button Prototype Kit.

    This is a lightweight prototyping kit for making simple button puzzles.

    Its purpose is to easily create and test out different button behaviors/small puzzles as you can see in the Demo Level Overview.

    You can:
    • Combine two meshes to create multiple types of buttons
    • Mesh pack included (to create button combinations)
    • Define multiple positions (states) for each handle
    • Animate state transitions (rotate/slide) as handle movements
    • Play sounds on state changes (sounds not included)
    • Interact with buttons by calling Next, Previous or Reset actions
    • Listen to button movements and synchronize other buttons, by writing simple reaction rules
    • States and Observe/React functionality are in separate actor components, so they can be easily reused.
    Other information:
    • Number of Blueprints: 6 Core (1 Multi-Purpose Button Prototype, 2 ActorComponents, 1 interface, 1 base actor) and more presets/usage samples
    • Also includes a mesh pack: 125 Total (58 Button Handles + 20 Button Bases for making all kinds of buttons, levers and switches, 6 Cypher Disks + 14 for disk holders, 9 for building a piano keyboard, 6 for building Pipe puzzles, 12 Various size Displays)
    • Network Replicated: Yes (core components are replicated, might still need some fixes so please send me an email with any problem you encountered)

    Documentation: Online Docs (always under construction)

    Videos:Additional Notes:
    • I will soon include a FAQ section on the online documentation with answers to as much questions as I can.
    • Working on creating tutorials for all puzzles from the Demo level.
    • This is a prototyping pack.
    Any suggestions and feedback are welcome.
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    Seven new video tutorials released. I hope you find them useful :
    1. QuickStart: Making a Prototyping Map
    2. Meshes & Handle Movement
    3. State Component
    4. Observe/React Component - Part 1
    5. Observe/React Component - Part 2
    6. Event Lifetime
    7. Play Sounds on State Transitions
    More to come in the following weeks.
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      Two new tutorials on combining the main components of this asset:

      1. Making an Interactive Light
      2. Fun with Buttons and Lights

      This is the start of a new tutorial series.
      Have fun!