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VP Real Floors - New PBR scanned floors 2k, 4k, 8k ... need feedback

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    [WIP] VP Real Floors - New PBR scanned floors 2k, 4k, 8k ... need feedback

    Hi everyone,

    I´m new to the UE marketplace and I´m currently preparing my first product to be released hopefully soon. It´s a material pack with 10 scanned PBR textures, high resolution (2k, 4, and 8k) which I´ve sold as textures-only in my own shop already (not directly for UE4 yet though). I´m unsure about the contents of the pack, how to best showcase the contents and how much to ask for as price. I´m also unsure about which engine version to support (4.20 and up or older versions as well ?) and whether it makes sense to include 8k textures if only 4k are supported in-game.

    The pack includes a master material and instances for each of the 10 materials. The master material can control several parameters, like contrast, intensities, tesselation and more. I was thinking of adding a "wetness" parameter which controls how reflective and dark a surface gets when being wet (e.g. from rain).

    If anyone is interested, I could offer to send a version for testing so I could get some feedback on what I should improve ?

    Here is a WIP screenshot:

    Click image for larger version

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    Best regards,

    Hello there, everything seems fine so far, its ok to include 8k versions, many products do the same and it is fine.

    The good showcase would be to include demonstration map with separate sphere objects with material applied to it, you can look other shader products in marketplace to see how it looks like, just setup good lighting conditions and place your spheres with material instances applied to them, so all variations of textures can be visible once you open map and just look at spheres, you can use planes or cubes as well.

    For the price i can't say anything because that's up to the seller and the content quality, you can look to similar content in the market to make some comparison and pick your price.

    Engine version, the older you use the better it is, because most of assets are compatible with newer engine versions, while the content that was made for newer engine version will not work for the older one, it's ok to use 4.19 or 4.20 as starting version, and just make quick test with the latest 4.22 to be sure that it works for the latest, just make sure to backup your content before testing at new version, because if you open it with new engine version it will auto-convert and you will be not able to use it at old version anymore without re-creating assets.

    The improvements you can make is to polish the material and add more options but keeping it less complex to have good performance, while you can also comment all the sections inside materials for people to understand how it works.

    And to finalize your product and process to submission you should read the market guidelines and rules,
    it would be needed to use correct assets naming convention, write description, sample images, thumbnail and etc.

    Hope this info helps, good luck with your asset!


      Hi Dino, thanks so much for your feedback, really appreciated!
      I´ll let you know once I´ve got an update on this....