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    [RELEASED] Advanced Marble Material

    Marketplace Link

    This pack contains one master material with ability to customize marble veins, surface color variations, add dirt, dust, leaks and damage.

    You can customize masks that is used to create marble surface texture, add marble pattern normal. Material support Default Lit, Subsurface and ClearCoat shading models.

    In Dirt settings you can customize dirt masks, intensity, scale, color, roughness. In addition dust, dirt and leaks supports vertical axis blending and blending by precomputed AO texture.

    Marble has settings for 3 types of veins – big, medium and small. Each type has 3 variations of pattern, that you can change by moving the slider in parameters.
    • 20 ready to use material instances
    • Ability to add and control dirt and damage
    • Ability to use different masks for color variation, dirt and veins

    You can find all the details about project on the marketplace page.
    Feel free to ask your questions about project or make your suggestions.
    Overview of the pack

    Material sample

    Material parameters

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    Hi, I am wondering if your marble pack includes triplanar mapping for appling marble material onto organic-shaped objects? Thanks!


      Hello. I'm sorry but for now material supports only base UV tiling by separated parameters for surface color variation, veins, dirt, dust, damage and leaks.