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[SUPPORT] ArcadeVS - update is here! new realistic vehicle and animation system!

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    Hi, thanks a lot for the feedback! I'll update the documentation.I see the problem you're having, when landing jumps it feels like you hit a wall when the vehicle hits the ground. I remember experiencing this issue with some settings but though I got it fixed. Could you PM me a screenshot of your vehicle settings so that I can reproduce that easily ? Also I'm almost finished working on the next update which adds a nice animation system and many improvements, I'll update this post with a new video soon!

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    Hi I am on 4.21. I have setup my vehicle exactly as shown in your documentation and it works fine (however, you should change the instructions from Blockall collision to Pawn - took me hours to figure out why it wasn't working, until I copied your collision settings from the kart). I have been tweaking the blueprint values and it seems I have an issue - to make the car leave the ground (without pressing jump) I adjust the ray cast length to be just above the target suspension height and this works fine - at speed I leave the ground, like expected. But whenever I land, the car stops like it hit something and then continues at speed - the car does not continue moving along the ground with the momentum it had in air. How to fix? All the other UE4 car mechanics I have got allow the car to land at speed without stopping and either skid a bit if landing at an angle, or just continue driving like a normal car would if landing straight - please hep - I really like th plugin otherwise - I don't want to have to go back to the UE4 vehicle template I have been using previously... Thanks in advance

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  • [SUPPORT] ArcadeVS - update is here! new realistic vehicle and animation system!

    v1.1 is here!

    For the details of the new features, it's here:
    As always, any feedback welcome!


    So what is Arcade Vehicle System (ArcadeVS)?

    It's a lightweight C++ physics based Vehicle System. Its goal is to be super easy to setup and configure and most of all to make fun to drive vehicles. It also support drifting, which can be configured to be realistic or completely Arcade like (Mario Kart / Sega All-Stars Racing).

    • Full Vehicle System logic in C++ for high performances
    • RayCast Suspension system with compression, damping and adherence tuning
    • Acceleration, braking and reverse, turning
    • Customizable drifting mechanic
    • Jumps!
    • In air stabilization setting for either roll overs or arcade like super stabibility
    • Center of mass offset, adherence force offset and many other nice parameters
    • Blueprints API, events for all state changes. Accelerate Start/Stop, Can Drift, Drift Start/Stop, etc.
    • All vehicle state values and forces exposed to Blueprints
    • All functions can be overriden in C++, easily add your own logic or change the default one
    • Kart Vehicle, fully textured mesh with materials, VFXs, Blueprint animations. Super stable with infinite drifting!
    • Test Vehicle with regular vehicle default settings. Simply replace the vehicle mesh and you're ready to go!
    • 2 Skeletal Mesh Animation Blueprints, handle suspension compression, wheels direction and rotation, and drift movement.
    • 1 Player Controller class

    I really want to improve it so don't hesitate to comment and give some feedback, features request are also welcomed! thx
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