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[SUPPORT] ArcadeVS - update is here! new realistic vehicle and animation system!

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    For the ramp, the problem come from the friction, the friction of the mesh is to high it stop directly the vehicle when it hit something: when I jump to high, the car stop at floor impact and start again from 0. Also, when I hit a wall, even by a car angle, the car face the wall it hit directly.

    All of these problems just come from the friction, I think, so, do you plan to add an option for that to in future? (if not, I'll looking for a solution by myself, just to know if I have to wait)

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: I have done some test with Physical Material, and that works well for the ramp!

    EDIT2: Just a feature idea, add an option to set Target Suspension Height per wheel (at least by pair) for vehicle with different wheel size (like tractor, for exemple)

    EDIT3: Poyoworks This is what I see on your exemple project on a fresh install of UE4 :

    Click image for larger version  Name:	UE4Editor_20190818_094254.jpg Views:	1 Size:	56.6 KB ID:	1654182
    no c++ folders or anything else... Any idea why?
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      Any news about the progress of the 1.2 of the plug-in ?


        in the sports car demo, the boost panels make you slow down IDK


          Any tips on how to use the arcadeVS light kart to to replicate a rocket league style vehicle?
          Basically, more air control, in-air boosts and such. Any direction would be highly appreciated. Is there some in-built functionality I can leverage to achieve the same? Thanks
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