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How to split UMG with plugin nDisplay?

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    [REQUEST] How to split UMG with plugin nDisplay?

    When nDisplay is enabled, UMG replicates one copy on multiple screens. But what I want is multiple screens sharing the original UMG. How can I solve this problem? I've probably looked at the code. I don't have any ideas at the moment. I'm confused.

    like pic

    I also would like to know this! The default behaviour seems to be that each Screen has its own UMG widget. I guess the problem is that we add the UMG using "Add To Viewport" and since every Screen has its own viewport the UMG widgets get added multiple times. Maybe there is a way by using the Widget in Worldspace and render it with a separate camera which is set to orthographic rendering or something like that.


      You can attach UMG widget to Blueprint as a component and set BP position as you wish