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    [RELEASED] Real Time Strategy Toolkit

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    Hello UE-Marketplace community,

    Glad to announce that my RTS Multiplayer Toolkit will be released soon!
    RTS Multiplayer Toolkit consists of 16 subsystems such as Building Subsystem, Combat subsystem, Abilities Subsystem, Enhancements Subsystem, Fog of War Subsystem and so on.

    YouTube main features showcase video:

    Upd: Playable demo is available now: link.
    Input: Q, E - rotate building, shift 1/2/3/4/5 - bind selected units, 1/2/3/4/5 - select bound units. Hotkeys for abilities are displayed on the abilities slots. Shift + ability - add task to the units task queue.

    Upd: UE-Marketplace link
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    Good news!
    RTS Toolkit Tutorial Series is available now!
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      Finally we have some news from Epic!
      There are some changes have to be done with RTS Toolkit and then it should be submitted for approval again. I'll do it by tomorrow and hope the second review will take much less time.


        RTS Toolkit has passed initial technical review and is moving on to final product review. This process should take no more than 3-5 business days!


          Real-Time Strategy Toolkit was approved!
          Release date: Monday, April 15.


            UE-Marketplace link

            You can ask your questions here or join our discord channel.
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              This looks good, nice work.


                Thank you, really appreciate it!


                  I'm working on the next update and I would like to know what do you want to see in the RTS Toolkit. So if you have a couple of minutes please vote here.
                  Also you can request feature you'd like to see here.


                    RTS Toolkit update showcase:


                      Nice update.


                        Hi, I recently buy it, I just seen all tuto serie from Youtube. At first I really want to thank you for all your works, all is fine from now and it's great !
                        If I could ask littles things, could we have more tutoriels please ?

                        1- I would like to be more friendly to multiplayer, how it works ?
                        2- I would like to introduce animals for food, but I don't know exactly how, because I would like my workers use bow and arrows, if i could have a little tuto on that, it could be very nice from you
                        3- It is possible to create different building animation for all building, and how ?

                        Your tuto are really well explained, but I'm french, and all explanation and video was a little to fast, so I need to see them all again to understand, if you can just reduce the speed a little it will be very nice.

                        Sorry for all my demands but really i like your toolkit, it's a really good job and I would like to accomplish my project with this.

                        I will send pictures of my project as soon as I migrate all inside your toolkit.

                        Thanks again, hope to see new tutorials to help me to be more productive.

                        See you,


                          Hello and thank you!
                          I already answered you via discord


                            Originally posted by TheFatCowStudio View Post
                            Hello and thank you!
                            I already answered you via discord
                            Yep I get it


                              The next update with new inventory system is already available to download: