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    [Released] Citizen NPC

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    we are proud to inform you that we continue creating assets for the UE4 marketplace. We decided to go in a modern citizen direction with our biggest pack so far.

    Citizens NPC:

    The Citizens NPC pack comes with a load of assets to create a variety of citizens.

    Multiple SK Itemgroups: hats, hair, heads, chests, pants are ready to be assembled your own unique Citizen.

    Be it a police officer, a business man, a scientist or physician, a sports guy a casual pedestrian or even firefighter. The pack gives you a basic start point to fill your world with characters from different categories from our daily live.

    Each equipment uses a master material and a mask texture, which allows you to tweak its visual appearance in detail. Each body part can be tweaked manually.

    For compatibility to other asset packs (like carrying baggage or reading a journal), the delivered skeletal meshes are skinned to the UE4 skeleton and main- and off-hand pivots are aligned to its hand grip. Main- and off-hand slots are also prepared in the Blueprints to receive your data.

    The female Skeleton is based on the default Epic rig with adjusted proportions for more feminine appearance.

    I striped down the dress up system to one main body costume.
    The hair pieces are separate and come as well partially combined with hats.
    E.g SK_ma_hat_construction_worker_01, SK_ma_hat_construction_worker_01_hair
    The chest/arm sleeves morph proportions when you equipe a thicker Glove.

    There is a morph system underneath implemented, but not in use for NPC CHaracters..
    A little bit of extrawork is required If you want to use the costume pices for a hero character with one unique Hairpiece -->Furthermore Information can be found in the documentation.

    All character types come with suitable hats to create variation between these characters.

    Different head types: Caucasian, asian and dark skinned.
    Hospital/Scientist: 3x Chest: Cloaks, basic shirt/trousers secretary and surgeon
    Police/Security: 2x Chest. Uniform and protection Vest
    Worker/Firefighter: Basic Uniform and separate security jacket
    Businessman: Sako Vest & Shirt Version
    Pedestrian: Short and Long Trousers Version
    Sport: Long Sleeve and T-Shirt Variation
    And many many more.

    6 hair variations per male and female

    Note: I’ll plan to update the pack with a suitable System for lip sync Faces by the end of the year 2019 . It hasn’t been decided if Bone based or Morph targets. We need more time to evaluate whats best.

    Please understand: Every Customer has different needs, one person designs an open world, next one a survial game, next one an RPG. We We read a lot of comments in the forum and on other products from the marketplace.
    But be sure we find the right solution for you!

    Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any Questions!

    Many thanks and have a great day!

    can add soldier?


      Hello LegueTopRyze,

      Yes, you can add your own soldiers to this pack - it's on the default UE4 Mannequin..
      We don't plan to add Soldiers becaue it's a Citizen pack - main purpose are casual citizens.



        Hey PolyPhorie,

        I picked up the NPC pack, but now I have an issue. The version of UE I'm using is a custom cut based on 4.20, but when I go to Add to Project, I'm given a message that the NPC content is not compatible. My project version shows up as "Other".




          Hi PolyPhorie,

          Do you have any screenshots of how parts are made?
          I mean there is no "layering" needed?
          Is this made with modular pipeline in mind:



            Are you still supporting this package? I wan't to buy this but see that you are not responding recently both here nor marketplace.
            It would be appreciated to have support if any issues occur, it is a complex package...

            Let us all know.


              Hi, I'm really interested in your pack - but I wondered if you had a chance to make the facial morphs/bones yet? I see you planned to do it by the end of 2019, but I couldn't find an update on it.


                Hello Guys, sorry for the late response. We finished some updates on different products to streamline our products. Medieval packs are done and we are back on the Citizens now.
                Regarding the facial animation; Yes it was planned for end 2019, our tech artist went for paternal leave - he is back on board with us and we are aiming to ship that till may.
                Joints are in place, Facial moprh targets are in place as well. ARkit Support 50+

                Feel free to sent us a mail in case you need additional support.



                  Hey guys, hope you all doin well.

                  We plan to update the pack by the end of next week with updated morphtarget faces.
                  Sry about the delays corona is hitting our schedule as well Ill share more info when the update is live.

                  Stay healthy!


                    The characters look great, but my system keeps crashing when I use some of the assets. This doesn't happen with any other project or asset pack, but when I try to drag a character into a scene or even sometimes when loading the previews in the Content Browser, I get the error message: "GPU Crashed or D3D Device Removed. Use -d3ddebug to enable the D3D debug service. Check log for GPU state information." Have you encountered this error before and found a fix? I'm running on Windows 10, Unreal Engine v4.25.3, Threadripper 3970X, 64GB of RAM, RTX 3090 GPU. Thanks.


                      Hey there,

                      Has this got the Morphtargets now?