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[UPDATED] alb Multi Tool Library

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    [RELEASED] [UPDATED] alb Multi Tool Library

    [UPDATE 1.01]

    Added world/object space for Voxelize:

    Hey all,

    So I've been working with UE for a while, and every time I felt something was missing, I added it.
    It has finally occurred to me to share this stuff in the hope someone else also finds it useful. So here goes.
    I'd make this stuff free, but there's a minimum cap limit - so it's as low as possible.

    This library was created to add simple and complex things which felt missing.

    Some highlights (please see gallery for the full list):

    * Timelines which can be controlled directly from node inputs (no need to separately set rate etc.; easy copy-paste with no components created)

    * For Loop with built-in delay

    * Arrays of arrays (float, vector, int, etc)

    * Local float/int/vector etc nodes to avoid creation of unnecessary variables

    * Merge, Sequence, DoNTimes nodes to allow conditional merging of the flow, or splitting it

    * Reference male, quad sphere, pyramid, torus, arrow meshes etc

    * Fake AO, voxelized, volume cloud materials which cheaply simulate otherwise complicated things

    • 100+ functions and macros
    • 35 material functions
    • extended set of basic meshes and materials
    • extended set of basic textures (grid, noise, gradient box/sphere, etc)

    Number of Blueprints: 100+

    Supported Development Platforms: most functions work for all platforms

    Supported Target Build Platforms: most functions work for all platforms

    Documentation: everything comes with a description; please also see items in Showcase folder

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    [alb Multi Tool Library]