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    [WIP] Hotgates WIP

    Welcome to our Work in Progress topic where we discuss upcoming updates and asset packs.

    Free Content Updates:

    Danger Decals Series

    3D models for the various signs for use with the textures and decals. These will be added to all volumes of the Danger Signs Decals series.

    Sci-Fi Decals Series

    A blueprint that will allow you to create custom words with the provided typefaces and symbols. This will be added to all volumes of the Sci-Fi Decals series.

    Puddle Decals

    An additional 10 puddle designs will be added to the Puddle Decals asset pack. Increasing the total number of puddles to 50.

    Cave Drawings Decals

    An additional 20 cave drawings will be added to the Cave Drawings Decals asset pack. Increasing the total number of Drawings to 140

    Periodic Table Decals

    One new poster design will be added to the Periodic Table Decals asset pack.

    Quality of Life updates:

    Restructuring of the naming system in our asset packs as requested by many of you. Many assets will be renamed to make them unique and easier for you to find in the Content Browser.

    Extra grunge textures will be added to all our existing asset packs to add variation.

    A new optimized material that will reduce the size of our asset packs. Currently rolling out (read below).


    A new more optimized decal material is beeing rolled out in order to reduce the size of our asset packs and also make it easier for you to apply and modify our decals.

    New Asset Packs - WIP:

    Low poly series (3D Assets)
    Sci-Fi Season 2 - Volume 3 (Decals)

    As projects and asset packs get submitted and move past the work in progress state this page will be updated accordingly.

    Need help? The main support topic is here.

    Fell free to leave us a comment or requests for upcoming assets that you would like to see. As always play nice.
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    Here is a small preview on some of the asset packs that I'm working on and hopefully will be released in the second half of February.

    PLAYING CARDS (3D meshes)

    Fun Fact: Playing cards are with us since the 9th century AD and may have been invented during the Tang dynasty. This was a fun project to make so I hope you will find them useful.


    Symbols have been around for many centuries alongside language. Like written language, symbols carry with them meaning but unlike language, many symbols also contain secret meanings. Symbols are a form of communicative visual language. A visual language is a system of communication using visual elements such as symbols.

    I love the beauty, the meanings, and significance of many of the world’s symbols so that’s why this asset pack was created. As you can see in it, there are a wide range of symbols by subject. As such you will notice some symbols appear more than once. I'm aware of that and the reason I chose this is to preserve the meaning and grouping of the symbols. For instance a symbol from the Four Elements has a different meaning in another area/era. To remove it from the Four Elements for instance would cause confusion.

    They can be used as secret messages in urban environments, as UI elements on weather equipment, as textures in spells or particles or whatever you can imagine.

    I drew inspiration from many books like Dictionary of Symbols by Carl Liungman, The Book of Symbols to name a few and as always a lot of information was sourced from Wikipedia and other websites. The designs are not mine, they belong to the people throughout history. Not everybody knows the meaning of those symbols so, alongside this asset pack you will receive a mini e-book explaining the origins and meanings of the symbols in it. I hope you will find it as educational as I have.

    MARINE SIGNS (Decals)

    Official ISO-2019 Marine Signs decals. High quality decals for use in games and in VR reconstructions of ships or boats. Although there aren't that many ship or boat assets around these signs can be used in other areas as well. There will be a lot of Exit signs included.

    Let me know what you think. Cheers.
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      Two variations of the periodic table elements with solid background were added. Fully customizable variations of the periodic tables was also added so you can modify the color of the elements as you please. Last but not least two new poster designs were also added to the Periodic Table Decals asset pack.


      Playing Cards (3D assets) - Released
      Marine signs (Decals) - Released
      Symbols of the wold (Decals) + Bonus e-book - Released


        Danger Sign Decals Vol. 2 and Danger Sign Decals Bundle have been submitted for update.

        Both include a third variation of the decals found in volume 2 plus a new optimized material that will reduce the size of our asset packs.
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          We're currently working on some low poly interior medieval castle assets. This is going to be our most ambitious project yet so I have no idea when it will be released. We are already at over 350+ meshes. Here is a sneak peek of some assets to wet your appetite. Hope you like them. I you want to see something specific in a medieval castle asset pack let us now or just leave some feedback.
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