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FPS Battle Royale Template - Updated

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    [SUPPORT] FPS Battle Royale Template - Updated

    Hi all,

    The FPS Battle Royale Template has been updated for UE versions 4.19 and above. Marketplace link:

    The update is a complete rewrite of the project to use Unreal Networking and no longer uses Gamesparks. What is included is the gameplay framework that will work on dedicated servers. There are no more login or lobby screens. It can now be played in editor with the dedicated server setting turned on.

    Because of the lack of user registration and matchmaking, I have reduced the price to $14.99.

    I will update this post with new tutorial videos which will involve dedicated server setup on a cloud service, re-adding login and lobby screens with user registration and matchmaking using something other than Gamesparks (possibly PlayFab), and more. (Note: These videos will take time to make.)

    If you find any bugs in the new versions, please report them here.

    Old thread:
    Marketplace Asset (Released): FPS Battle Royale Template with Gamesparks

    Twitter: Spyke_Dev | Discord