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    Originally posted by codehawk64 View Post
    I managed to get the libraries imported into the final ipa file, and the game no longer crashes in my iphone at startup. But no music plays. Do you know why it might not play in iOS ? There is simply no reaction, while building the same game for windows works like a charm. I really need to get it work in iphone somehow. Is it properly tested in iOS though ?

    All the necessary .dylib files are successfully packaged in the framework folder.
    Man I spent a day and still can't do it. Can you share how you managed to package it for iOS? And how is it going further, have you solved audio not playing issue?


      Hi there! Thank you so much for this plugin. I'm wondering, is it possible to analyze in-game audio with it, not the sound file by itself? Things like sounds from in-game web browser for example?


        Hi, you can use the Loopback nodes to do the analysis over the output of an audio device. Like in this example

        Audio Analyzer
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