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Replicated, Permanent, Fog of War system

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    [REQUEST] Replicated, Permanent, Fog of War system

    Because I have not seen such a system available already, and most only pertain to RTS, team based or singleplayer games regardless. I'm Requesting a Fog of War system that can be used in first & third person view for any type of multiplayer game. The fog, once moved through, will be permanently removed from the area that was moved through. Said fog will never come back to that area unless you enable a respawn timer for it. There will be a blueprint included which when placed in a level will increase or decrease the typical fog of war reveal in that specific area, for instance you may want more fog removed than normal if revealing a statue or such which a player can not typically reach, so the blueprint will be placed in or near the statue so that when the player gets close enough it reveals the entire statue instead of the default fog removal. This will all be replicated to the server for each player, so that players can not cheat by changing their client to see through the fog. Player 1 moved through the fog, but player 2 can not see the fog removed for player 1, they can only see the fog removed for themselves.
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