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Ultimate Road Sign Kit

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    [RELEASED] Ultimate Road Sign Kit

    This sign pack is driven by one blueprint. Just drag it into your level, and in the details panel, you will see options for sign type, height, rust, scratches, double/single post, post rotation and more. Some signs have options for secondary signs which will appear as a second sign underneath the main sign. ie, The yellow diamond (warning) signs have a drop down that will allow you to add different recommended speed limits. With over 100 signs and 400 look variations, this pack will be sure to suit any project in need of road signs.

    • Over 100 Signs
    • Look Variations (rust/scratches)
    • 5 Post Materials
    • Look Variants for sign posts
    • Adjustable Sign Heights
    • One Blueprint

    Texture Sizes:
    • 1024x1024

    Scaled to Epic skeleton: No

    Collision: Yes, automatically generated

    Vertex Count: 32 - 122

    LODs: No

    Number of Meshes: 22

    Number of Materials and Material Instances: 4 Materials, 4 Material Instances

    Number of Textures: 272

    Supported Development Platforms: PC

    Supported Target Build Platforms: All

    Documentation: No

    Important/Additional Notes:

    Driven by one blueprint. Just drag and drop, and in the details panel you will get a list of options.
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