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Next Gen Modular City V2 now feature Procedural Building Generator

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    [RELEASED] Next Gen Modular City V2 now feature Procedural Building Generator

    Hey guys, this simple video present a procedural building generator I have been working, it is finally done and already setup with Modular City content, so if you already own the pack you can start playing with it. It is planned to be a full part marketplace content also, It's work with any Modular pack, please take a look at mesh requirement section in documentation to see how... I hope you like it.

    Procedural Building Generator link

    How to install PBG link

    PBG Documentation link

    Next Gen Modular City V2 link

    Discord link
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    Marketplace Forum page

    Join us on Discord

    Youtube Playlist



    Product link

    Here is some features overview:

    The main features:
    1. More than 2770 meshes.
    2. Modular meshes build on real world scale
    3. Build for the use of Grid snapping and vertex snapping allowing for easy alignment and snapping.
    4. Include Auto Scale Blueprint that allows you match scale between all statics meshes actors in the scene by the way you avoid huge losses of time and efforts to make two statics meshes compatibles in sizes.
    5. Include Building Builder Blueprint
    6. Include Rock Builder Blueprint
    7. wind turbine blueprint
    8. tunnel fan blueprint
    9. Placement 1 & 2 blueprint
    10. Modular House with interiors (Modern house Style, Old house Style, Standard house Style, Californian/Italian House Style and more).
    11. Modular Building with interiors (to be honest with you can recreate most game city building in RoboRecall, GTA, NFS, Watch Dog and Real World City building)
    12. Unified Modular Road, Road tunnel, Bridge and Rail Road in spline based Blueprint with Sidewalks, Side Guards, road lamps with Spotlights supports; Segments based road (versus splines point based road that is enabled by default for fast editing purpose) to avoiding road stretching and warping. The Blueprint itself is Modular by the way that you can reuse the existing functions (Like Side guars, Sidewalk, bridge supports functions and it will automatically calculate your road mesh size and place them in exact position and you can apply offsets if you want, and others functions…) to extend it and add more features.
    13. Includes Road Intersections Blueprint with traffics lights (four, T, L and others intersections types).
    14. Modular Kitchen
    15. Modular Gas station
    16. Modular Restaurant with interiors props
    17. Modular coffee & bar with interiors props
    18. Modular Fast food with interiors props
    19. Modular Commercial Centers with interiors props

    Other Features I :

    Trees: Palm trees, Mexican Palm trees, Banana Trees, Pines Trees, Conifers Trees, Cactus Plant, Big, medium, small broadleaf trees and more trees found in cities.

    Include different grass and flowers plants.

    Include hedge (Can be used with road spline Blueprint for more features)

    City props ( Like bus stop, high voltage line, footbridge, electric pole and more.....)

    House interiors props (like door, chairs, tables and other related house interiors props).

    Building interior (like offices furniture and other related building’s interior props).

    Fast food, coffee and restaurant props (like food display counter and more).

    UVs, Materials and textures:

    Consistent and high UVs Texel density for all modular meshes ( base unit for UV mapping = 3m square, meaning that for 1m square plane with a 2K texture, that plane mesh will cover 1/3 of 2K texture space i.e. 2048/3 = 682,7 pixel/m, for more info about this see Upcoming Document),

    UVs set up for High Ligthmap UVs Texel Density for all modular meshes

    Automatic tiling and textures alignments Material with tiling, rotation, sizes, offset, resolutions control (for avoiding textures stretching)

    Dynamic texturing in editor (Vertex painting Material)

    Optimized Advanced Auto Landscape: that contains 4 automatic layers (Grassland, DesertLand, CliffLand, Snowland), 5 custom layers for painting small detail and 12 additionnal layers for covering large area with distance based UVs for texturing large open world landscape (Total 21 layers, for reference this material run at 70fps-90fps at epic settings in full screen on core i5 8300/gtx 1050ti laptop (mid end) ). Support flowmap with three sates for driving based on the types of look you wanna (realistic, artistic, or use albedo contained in flowmap) and Landscape normal.

    Optimized Foliage material : that allow your decrease/remove shaders complexity based on distance that you can adjust allowing you to paint a lot of foliage without being pixel bound, include simple and height based wind effects, SSS, Distance Based fake AO simulation and more.

    Master parallax Material: Unified Parallax mapping, bump offset, height displacement and snow/moss accumalation based on slope in world or UV space.

    Interior simulated Material (screen space, world space, uv space ).

    Graffiti Generators (not full yet set up).

    Textures generators, more than 400 unique different and varied substances with Snow effects, dirt effects, texture adjustments, rain effects simulations, rust effect, wood effect, leather effect, crack/fracture effect and infinite procedural decal mask and albedo generation.

    A total of 25 Masters Material essential for setting up the look of your cities.

    Others feature II:

    Build for day and night cycles, with interiors.

    Modified default UE4 sky blueprint for real time lighting update in editor and in game mode.

    Include Overview map, Example City and advancedLandscapeMap.

    Documentation about the idea behind Modular and how to work with it, think it and expand it (now full yet ready)

    Documentation for beginners to introduce them on Modular approach for level design (now full yet ready).

    If I missed to mention something as soon as I recall I will post it.
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      Hi !
      Wich is too expensive : Static Mesh with animation created in 3D packages or Static Mesh with animation created using even tick at each frame ?
      Another consideration is, the first will be used with foliage tool .
      The second will use hierachical instancied static mesh component in dedicated blueprint


        any updates? just checking in since it's been quiet for a while.


          Not yet fully ready


            Click image for larger version

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              any update about interiors ?


                Originally posted by Omarito View Post
                here is the link to download the screenshots (712 mb Rar file)

                Never use tick if you dont really need to! It is most heavy thing ..


                  Is there any updates for this yet?
                  Interested in having someone review your game? want to do an interview on it?

                  This check out this website.

                  Working on a game as well.


                    Uprentiss, I will do my best to release it in the two upcoming months


                      Originally posted by Omarito View Post
                      Uprentiss, I will do my best to release it in the two upcoming months
                      Can you tell me what quality the building texture is? Is it made for mobile or PC/Console?
                      Interested in having someone review your game? want to do an interview on it?

                      This check out this website.

                      Working on a game as well.


                        Originally posted by Omarito View Post
                        Uprentiss, I will do my best to release it in the two upcoming months
                        Still looking for an answer to this, the video probably does it no justice but I need to know what type of quality this is.
                        Interested in having someone review your game? want to do an interview on it?

                        This check out this website.

                        Working on a game as well.


                          I want to make it clear, ModularCity is build for PC/Consoles games and is AAA assets . If after its release you paid it and you are not satisfied with its content you can send a refund mail to marketplace team with your desagrement, but I doubt that anyone will do it, cause, it is a real AAA games assets.
                          By default all textures Resolution have been set to 1K ( due to amount of substances files, I will face Memory bandwith issues )


                            will i still have to buy it again since the product page on CGtrader no longer exists? or did you remove ir until the update gets released?

                            i can still download the old one, just the store page is missing making be believe that it was pulled. that’s all.


                              You will have a personal message (On the email address that was associated with your account with which you made the purchase on CGtrader) which will include the link to download the update the same day it would be sent to the team of the UE4 marketplace