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    [RELEASED] LadyBug Tracker - Mantis Integration

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    LadyBug Tracker - Mantis Integration

    Video: LadyBug Tracker - Mantis Integration


    LadyBug Tracker is a plugin that integrates MantisBT with the UnrealEngine. Thanks to this plugin handling bugs will be more convenient and it will significantly boost your efficiency. Forget about constant switching between the Unreal Engine editor and browser tab with Mantis BT opened. Conveniently view and edit details of reported issues inside Unreal Engine editor. Browse the issues directly in the level viewport. Report a bug straight from the editor and game. Create blueprints that automate reporting bugs for you.

    For more technical details, read the Documentation. Technical Details

    • Browsing issues with a fast and powerful filtering.
    • 3D markers. View issue markers on a level.
    • "Go to" button. One click to open level in the location associated with the issue.
    • Editing issues details.
    • Reporting issues in the game.
    • Reporting issues in the editor.
    • Reporting crashes.
    • Capturing screenshots and logs.
    • Capturing level and camera position.
    • Automatic filling fields in.
    • Editing screenshots.
    • Pending issues list. Complete new issues details before submitting.
    • Viewing issue details (general fields, custom fields, notes, attachments, history).
    • Adding notes.
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    I have gotten this to work with 4.22 but unfortunately there seems to be a minor issue - if the bug tracking window is up when the engine starts, it starts connecting infinitely, the whole screen is filled with "Connecting..." pop-ups and it never connects.


      Version 1.1
      • Sending feedback from users in the shipping game.
      • Minor fixes.


        I am pleased to announce that LadyBug Tracker has been awarded with a spot in the Epic MegaGrants program!

        To celebrate this, I will be reducing the price of the plugin - permanently. I hope that thanks to the price drop, the plugin will reach a wider audience.

        Thank you for your support, feedback and comments so far. They are much appreciated.


          A little late to the party, but congratulations anyway
          We have been using this plugin for a while.
          Been a big help in keeping track of both issues and feature suggestions.

          One thing we did do though was to modify the source to allow custom fields, screenshots and logs in shipping/packaged games.
          Its allowed us to get more info directly from users/players.

          In any case, thanks!
          Great tool!
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