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Modular Western NPC

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    Modular Western NPC

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    after a huge success of our Medieval NPC's, we are proud to inform you that we continue creating assets for the UE4 marketplace.

    Our new package “ Western NPC “ is released:
    This pack comes with a load of assets to equip a western NPCcharacter as you like.

    Multiple heads/western heads, chests, pants and shoes with spurs are ready to be assembled to your own unique Western NPC. The pack includes a few static meshes and a sheriff's badge - so everyone can be a Sheriff!

    Each equipment uses a master material and a mask texture, which allow you to tweak its visual appearance in detail. For compatibility to other asset packs (like weapon animation sets), the delivered skeletal meshes are skinned to the UE4 skeleton. We added sockets for tools or weapon, these pivots are aligned to its hand grip.
    To help you to get started with your new assets, the pack contains a couple of character blueprints and one character editor blueprint example which implements all of the assets and their customization possibilities.

    The pack will be delivered with three different Heads + a Hair/Beard combination. We plan to create a separate product regarding animated morph target heads in 2019. The scope of this high qualitative product would be to massive with all required facial feature components.

    You can replace these heads/hair anytime with your own creations. Texture sharing: Eyebrows, beard and hair share all the same alpha texture - no double data stuff. You can create material instances and tint them per shader to create slight variations. We prepared over 80 variations.
    We gonna share more informations soon, so please be patient with us.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	MWNPC_01.jpg Views:	2 Size:	206.5 KB ID:	1551599

    Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any more questions.

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    Hey guys,

    e have submitted the pack for review. We added a few more extra variations and having a total of 100+ Materialinstances now.
    Should be avaliable before Christmas. Thanks for your patience.


      Holy shitballs, but this is incredible. I want this!


        If you kept the price under 100 bucks, I am sure you would have a ton of more sales


          Hello jojo 8026,

          as usual our product will get an early bird sale with 150 in the first week. After one week i switch to the regular price 200.
          I have it allready approved by epic and will be released later today( currently out of office). Ill drop you a line with more screens tonight.

          Looking forward to see them in your game!



            ThomasVogel , Do your character asset packs include facial animations or morph targets to have a moving mouth or changing expressions or anything?


              Just a thought but some Asia themes NPC's would also be great if you ever plan on making new themes (e.g. samurai, mage, merchant, etc). There's tons of Asia landscapes, weapons etc but no so much character models.
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                Originally posted by meuliano View Post
                ThomasVogel , Do your character asset packs include facial animations or morph targets to have a moving mouth or changing expressions or anything?
                Hello Mr Meiliano,

                No morph targets and no facial expressions. We plan to release a separate Head pack somewhere in 2019.
                Unfortunatelly not doable for this low price, at least not in a resonable quality. The pack would be with the mentioned features around 450€, to make sense from a business perspective.
                It's getting faster complex with beards hat/heads etc.

                It's pretty easy to attach a separat facerig. Please understand that every customer has different needs.

                Owen , thanks for the heads up. It will happen in 2019.



                  Hey Reaper,

                  yes i edited the first post. And here :
                  Many thanks for the reminder.

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                    hi I bought this package but I am having an issue.

                    when the character is in a dark place the skin color becomes white.

                    Please help


                      hello aymanalketbi, thats an uncommon issue.
                      Did you try to swap the textures to a normal default material? Is tis issue occuring on all skinparts(including arms)? Or only heads?



                        I love this - but why are their hands so big? They dwarf their face.


                          Good afternoon. I want to change one of the Mesh in some 3d editor. Give me a recommendation, please, which editor is best for it? I'd like to add my clothes on your characters. I'd be glad if you could tell me which editor you created them in.
                          I would also be very glad if you could explain how to combine the head and body in 3d max to make it one whole.


                            Hello Antiva,

                            we are in the middle of shifting our stuff over to Blender. A lot of customers are asking for it. Luckily Epic is also on it's way to do so with rigify.
                            Unfortunatelly the tool isnt out yet:

                            Next stream is Thursday.

                            For Maya:
                            Simply export one SK mesh as fbx , best starting point would be the combined models.

                            You simply combine meshes in Maya by mesh/combine checkbox combine skinning reimport. In case you want to import new models bind it to the delivered skeleton in Maya and reexport these.
                            In import select the western NPC skeleton.

                            We dont use 3ds max at all, so we cant help you on that end.