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Instance Array Tool - Level based instance editing tool for HISM and ISM component

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    [RELEASED] Instance Array Tool - Level based instance editing tool for HISM and ISM component

    Feature preview video:

    Instance Array Tool is a level based instance editing tool for
    Hierarchical instanced static mesh and Instanced Static mesh component and actors.
    You can edit a group of instances or an individual instance in a level, without affecting other instances in other levels.

    You can either edit instances directly inside editor or edit it by creating a graph available in details panel.

    You can create circular or elliptical curves. You can also create grids, or you can randomize transform of instances or levels if you want to just add some randomization to them. You can use a spline components to edit instances in a level or multiple levels with just one spline.

    A save file can be created to save the changes that you made, which can then be used in other Unreal Engine 4 projects.

    • Edit individual instance or multiple instances in editor.
    • Edit instances in a level by creating a graph in editor.
    • Work with multiple components in a level.
    • Work with multiple levels, where, instances edited in one level, has no effect on instances in other levels.
    • Edit multiple levels by using a graph in editor.
    • Create circular or elliptical curves from instances in a level, or from levels.
    • Create grids or randomize instances in a level or randomize all the levels.
    • Add equal offset between instances in a level, or add equal offset between levels.
    • Create a save file which can be used in multiple projects without having to recreate again.
    • Place instances or levels along a spline component.
    • Convert existing Static mesh in editor to either Hierarchical instanced static mesh or Instanced Static mesh component instances.
    • Spawn Actors or static mesh (New).
    • Spawn HISM or ISM instances or actors or static mesh randomly (New).
    Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac
    Supported Engine Version: 4.20 and above
    Current Version: 4.0
    UE4 Marketplace

    Support is available by email.

    Thank you.
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    Updated to version 2.0 and added support for Unreal Engine 4.21.

    What's new in version 2.0?

    Video preview of features in 2.0:

    Spline Features:

    • Place levels or instances of a HISM or ISM component along spline.
    • Place multiple component instances along a single spline, in current level or multiple levels
    • Place levels or instances at equal distance along spline.
    • When placing the instances along spline component, you can either place them on spline or let them stay where they are.
    • Change the number of instances or levels placed between 2 spline points.
    For example: If there are 3 spline points, and if distance between 1st point and second is more than distance between 2nd point and 3rd point, then,
    it will try to place more instances between 1st point and 2nd point as compared to 2nd point and third point.

    Thank you.


      Updated to version 3.0

      What's new?

      Added support for converting static mesh actor in editor to either
      Hierarchical instanced static mesh or Instanced Static mesh component instances.


        Updated to version 4.0

        What’s new in version 4.0?
        • Added support for spawning instances randomly.
        • Added support for spawning static mesh or an Actor class in viewport.


          Update to version 5.0.

          What’s new in version 5.0?
          • Added support for spawning actors using blueprints during run time. Everything is level based in run time just like when they are spawned in editor.
          • Added support for changing visibility, collision, simulate physics state and tick function state of actors in a level during run time. This can be helpful for actor pooling.