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Plugin StitchingOfLandscapes - Stitching of Landscapes

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    [RELEASED] Plugin StitchingOfLandscapes - Stitching of Landscapes

    If you have several levels with landscapes on the scene, often there can be iscrepancies along the edges of landscapes after the manual adjustment of the landscapes.

    The plugin allows you to stitch all the landscapes on the scene, for which the correct names are given.
    The plugin will be useful for big worlds projects with dynamic loading of landscape parts.

    This plugin is a good example to learn how to work with elevation maps of unreal engine landscapes.

    We invite you
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    How many terrains can your app pair at most? After I have finished pairing, do I want to extract the terrain into a png format using Ue4, and re-import it into the lower version Ue4, after the terrain import is complete?


      The number of stitched pieces at a time depends on the resolution of the landscape and the amount of RAM. But you can repeat the stitching procedure several times for different sections. This will allow you to stitch any number of landscapes.