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Any Skateboard guide or tutorial? $

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    [REQUEST] Any Skateboard guide or tutorial? $

    Unreal Noob and my 1st game project, I Need help$ with a Tech deck style game similar to EA skate, my idea is a skateboard game with no character and only shoes with animations that trigger a trick when the joy stick flicks a certain direction, the animations and map design are fairly simple for me since I typically use blender and will use blender to transfer models but I have zero knowledge on blueprints or scripts and unreal in general besides making models which is holding me back from where to start, Some helpful tips and links or someone interested in making this guide for me at a reasonable price.

    Need a guide on
    -skateboard tilting while turning
    -vehicle throttle for wheels
    -Activating my animations tricks " kickflip, ollie,
    -magnet locking grind system to place over edges that recognize and does the trick when board comes at a certain angle.
    -Vert ramps how to go up in the air and back down
    -board rotations that can rotate whenever a trick animation is activated in air. 180 degree ollie,kickflip
    -ragdoll physics when skateboard doesn't complete a trick the skateboard bails out
    -cancel out commands' for example a player does a kickflip animation and try's to another kickflip in mid air it will trigger another animation without the jump process known as late flips in the skateboard world.
    -uphill, downhill speed

    Using this as reference except I am doing animations that simulate physics and not physics based swiping rotations like the link.