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Problem with PlugIn nDisplay

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    Problem with PlugIn nDisplay

    Dear Unreal Community,

    at the moment I am working on a CAVE setup and was looking forward to the new nDisplay PlugIn released in UE4.20. Unfortunately, there is an Error Message after running the nDisplayLauncher. The error log is displayed in Picture 1.

    The setup consists of:

    The standard nDisplay Example Project selected in the Blueprint Project Selection window. I packaged this to an .exe file.

    In addition, I have a quad-buffer video card from Nvidia which is providing the signal to two projectors. My target is to control two projectors side-by-side by only one master and zero slave computer. Therefore I manipulated the configFile template according to the document attached.

    Even though I did everything exactly the same way like described in the documentation, I am sure the fault is on my side! I would highly appreciate any help leading to a solution!

    Thank you in advance!

    Error Log according to nDisplayListener Config File Page 1 Config File Page 2

    For me it looks like your cfg file ist set wrong by the nDisplay application. According to your cmd argument its "C:\_VRAPPS\config and test scripts\StereoProjectFile\wall_flast_3x2.cfg", which is probably not path you intend to use.


      Hi Chelydrae,

      cmd doesn't like spaces in folder names

      change "config and test scripts" to "config_and_test_scripts"


        Hey while we are at it. Did someone properly configure the Buttons on his tracking device? If so, feel free to contact me on how you did it.