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(Support) Modular Neighborhood Interior & Exterior Pack

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    (Support) Modular Neighborhood Interior & Exterior Pack

    Please post any Issues, Question or Concerns here.

    Modular Neighborhood Interior & Exterior Pack

    Product URL:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	497.3 KB ID:	1507871

    This pack contains a large number of modular assets and props designed to let you to create entire neighborhoods with full interiors and several custom materials, optimized for high performance on midrange hardware (50-60fps+).

    Technical Details

    • High-quality Modular Exterior and Interior static meshes
    • Correctly scaled meshes that are easy to combine and snap together with grid snap.
    • Optimized for Hi Performance on mid-range hardware (50-60fps+)
    • Customizable Material Instances
    • 75 Props, 110 Modular pieces
    • Demo scene with baked lighting

    Texture Sizes:
    • 1024x1024 - 4096x4096

    Collision: Yes, (custom & automatically generated)

    LODs: Yes

    Number of Meshes: 211

    Number of Materials and Material Instances: 175

    Number of Textures: 305

    Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac

    Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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    Great job, looks amazing!


      Originally posted by JohnADaniels View Post
      Great job, looks amazing!
      Thanks A lot.

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        I bought this package and for some reason I only got the right side gable/ roof .... rotating doesn't work it puts the outer wall on the inside. Is there a way to mirror it?


          Originally posted by Link_X View Post
          I bought this package and for some reason I only got the right side gable/ roof .... rotating doesn't work it puts the outer wall on the inside. Is there a way to mirror it?

          Yes you have to mirror the mesh by setting it to -1.0 (Negative one dot zero) on the Y scale. I hope that helps

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            Hey there, just purchase and tested the environment a bit. And have some requests/notes that are relative to other environment packs at similar prices. i'm going to number them only thinking that may make it easier to respond to. These are basically all relevant to the demo scene/map too, so if you could clarify which issues aren't standing outside of that as well i would like it.

            1) Could you not mark most everything in the demo scene as static and provide dynamic bodies for the static meshes like trash cans, fixtures and such?

            2) The most interior hallways and interior/exterior doorways aren't wide enough to fit TPS/FPS characters. I don't think you need to scale things uniformly, just make these wider, there is no
            height issue.

            3) The demo scene also has many visible gaps in the modular parts, it would be nice if this was cleaned up.

            4) The outdoor lighting is a bit weak - or - the ambient/environment color is too strong. Its hard to tell but i think the sun could be brighter.

            5) There are all kinds of collision issues with grass and potted plants that prevent me from getting to places. I don't think there should be any collision on foliage. bounds on railings and fencing are also a bit overly tall (not on the tall fences but the white ones).

            6) I think you could improve the indirect lighting settings a bit.

            7) The car in 4.20 has strange reflection on it that looks corrupt or something around the bumper.

            With all the above, its still important to note that I think this is a great pack so far. I just cannot navigate it as it is. From what i've breifly seen of the interiors the interior lighting looks great but i've only clipped my self into a few of them. I'd appreciate it if you could not wait for 4.21 to fix the width issue, even if that means holding off on adding new stuff and just grabbing what is currently on MP and fixing it to patch. I will follow up with you I Create Art with a video of me first exploring the map and running into issues over email (video takes awhile to upload).


              Is there a particular reason why you're waiting for the 4.21 release? I want to purchase the pack, but if everyone is saying that the width is off, I'm going to wait until it's been fixed
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                Hi, I've noted your comments. The update is in the works, it should be live in just a little over a week.

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